Twitter Tutorial: How to Gain Over 3000 New Follower’s a Month

So you want more Twitter followers eh?

Read on, and I’ll show you how to gain an average of 3,400 new followers a month, while attracting more than 16,000 profile hits at the same time.

Twitter is a powerhouse for creating traction for whatever product / blog / event you are trying to gain exposure for. You certainly need a strong following to ensure maximum exposure, and that is what this tutorial is all about creating.

Oh and these followers will all be targeted, meaning they will be directly interested and located right inside the market niche in which you are serving. So they will be undoubtedly interested in your tweets!

The Proof.. !

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 13.30.32

Let’s Begin


I have basically written a script (in PHP for code heads) that will communicate with Twitter, following user’s of a particular Twitter user (who we have chosen). The script will also unfollow user’s who are not following you back when your followers to follower ratio get’s too high.

The script makes use of the Twitter API to effortlessly make all this possible.


So, essentially the script can;

  • Follow users who are following another user (who you can choose).
  • Unfollow users who are not following you back.
  • Set the max delay in seconds between api requests when following or unfollowing (ensuring you keep within Twitter’s follow frequency limit).
  • Set the max amount of users to unfollow in one run of this script.
  • Set the max amount of users to follow in one run of this script.


How to Set-Up the Script

Part 1: Get the script I wrote

  1. Go to
  2. Download the script by pressing the ‘Download ZIP’ button on the right of the page.
  3. Unzip the downloaded file.
  4. You will see something like this….                     Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 14.25.28 copy
  5. Create a copy of one of the folders in the pilots folder (e.g applandr) (name the copied folder anything you like)
  6. Open up the index.php file in the copied folder (we will need to copy our Twitter keys into this file in a moment)


Part 2: Create your Twitter app (that will provide the keys needed to do all the communication between your script and Twitter)

  1. Create a new twitter app at https://apps.twitter.comScreen Shot 2015-09-05 at 14.02.28
  2. Browse to your newly created app (on and press the ‘Keys and Access Tokens’ tab. You will see something like the following.Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 14.03.07Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 14.03.46
  3. Copy in your four keys above (Consumer Key & Secret and Access Token & Secret) to your newly created file from part 1 (index.php)
  4. Good job – give yourself a pat on the back! We’re almost there.


Part 3: Optional – Set which user whose followers you would like to follow

Ok so this part it really important if you only want to follow users with a certain interest. For example, if your a fan of technology (and write various tech related blog posts, and would like exposure / hits), then you would perhaps like to follow the followers of Elon Musk. Read on below and I’ll show you how!

  1. Open up TwitterAutoPilot.php (You can use notepad / sublime / any text editor for this) so that you can modify its text)
    • This file is in the folder you downloaded from Github (and is also in a picture above).
  2. The file is going to look something like the following (depending on which text editor you use the colours will be different).Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 15.04.26
  3. So the following is the line you want to edit:Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 15.04.44
  4. Simply replace any of the Twitter usernames in the quotes with the usernames of the Twitter accounts of the users whose followers you wish to follow.
  5. Btw if you don’t know where to find a Twitter accounts username, look just above the red lines in the following pic..Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 15.08.11


How to Run the Script

Ok so to make the script work, ie. to run the script you will need a coding environment to take care of that for you. Now this is really simple so don’t be worried, your essentially going to download a world renowned coding program for your computer, install it, and place our index.php file created above in a certain location and then browse to that location like you would any other website! Let’s begin…


Part 1: Set up the PHP environment to run your file

  1. Download the program
    1. If your using windows, go to
    2. For Mac, go to
    3. For linux, go to
  2. Go to your downloads directory on your computer and install your new application


Part 2: Put your folders/files in place (so that it can be found by your PHP environment) and run your script

  1. Move the folder you downloaded earlier (in part 1 of  ‘How to Set Up the Script’ above) into the localhost folder of your new program
  2. Ensure the folder with your index.php file (that we created in part 1 above) is also moved into the ‘pilots’ folder, in the localhost folder of your new program
  3. Browse (on chrome by typing or copying the following into your address bar) to your index.php file in your localhost folder
    • It will be something like http://localhost/SocialAutoPilots/Twitter-Auto-Pilot/pilots/<YOUR_FOLDER_NAME>/index.php
  4. Your browser will now look like its trying to load that webpage that’s stuck, but it is actually executing your script!
  5. Check the logs.text file (in the same folder as index.php) for detailed info on what your script is doing right now (while it’s being executed)
  6. Well done.. mission accomplished! Your all set :) Easy, huh?


The Future of this Script

In the near future I plan to add many more types of Twitter functions to this script (and yes it will be available to you too!)

  • Follow users of user who have the most followers.
  • Follow users of a user with the most tweets.
  • Follow users of a user with the most re-tweets.



So now you should have set up a script that will allow you to follow the followers of a certain Twitter user. This is an exceptionally important step forward in growing a strong and engaged following on Twitter.


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Here’s what to do next…

  1. Leave a comment below telling me which point surprised, inspired or taught you the most.
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  • chaker benhamed

    Good idea! However, this is against Twitter’s rules!!

    • Only if you abuse it’s use! For most people who do not break Twitter’s limits, this is not a problem.

  • Tyler J. Koenig

    Great stuff Joey. I’m having trouble running the script after I’ve copied it over to my local host on MAMP. I type in http://http://localhost/SocialAutoPilots/Twitter-Auto-Pilot/pilots/%3CTwitter-Auto-Pilot-master%3E/index.php to my browser, but I get nothing.

    Any idea?

    • Hi Tyler, thanks a million.

      Are you sure that your Apache server is running? It will show nothing in the browser if your server is turned off!

      • Tyler J. Koenig

        Hey Joey – yes, I believe it is. Not totally sure, but I do have MAMP open when I copy the script to the my Chrome browser.

        Does this look right? Unfortunately I’m not seeing any activity in my log file.

        • If you click on your MAMP server icon on your dock – its control panel will open up and should tell you that your server is running.

          Also your pilot.php file looks good – now you could regenerate your keys on Twitter and copy them in to the pilot file again to be sure.

          You could also put several echo’s in TwitterAutoPilot.php to see who far along your code is executing…

          • Tyler J. Koenig

            Ok – thanks man will give it a try!

          • Anytime Tyler!

          • Tyler J. Koenig

            Argh, losing hope. Regenerated my keys and still nothing unfortunately. Not exactly sure what you mean when you say to put several echo’s in the TwitterAutoPilot.php

          • The echos will allow you to figure out what line is causing the error if you put them in multiple places before and after pieces of logic!

          • Tyler J. Koenig

            Hey Joey, excuse my ignorance but I really have no idea what you mean by adding multiple echos. Could you give an example or screenshot?

          • It’s completely ok Tyler!

            The main file doing most of the work for us in this script is called TwitterAutoPilot.php

            PHP is a programming language and allows one to echo i.e. show things on a web page in our script e.g. echo “Hello World!” will show Hello World! in our browser when we navigate to a file with that single echo in it.

            My suggestion, in order to figure out where the script is falling over for you, is to strategically place several echo’s from the beginning to the end of TwiiterAutoPilot.php on your local server, in order to see how far along your script makes it before falling over.

            Warm Regards,

          • Tyler J. Koenig

            Thanks a lot Joey. Could you tell me what specific echos I should place in the PHP file to see where it’s failing?

          • Tyler J. Koenig

            @joeytawadrous:disqus I’m still here haha – would really like to get this going if you’re still willing to help.

          • Hey Tyler, sorry to hear you still have not got it going!

            The echoed data does not matter, its just a mechanism for finding out how along execution your script has gone.

            I’m sure you can step through your code line for line, I would not insult your intelligence by doing it for you!

            Warm Regards,

        • Tyler J. Koenig

          Just confirmed that my Apache settings were on, and did it again. Still same result :/ (log just has the default “following CNET” data)

  • Matt Read

    Hi Joey

    I’ve followed the instructions, but I’m getting stuck at ‘how to run the script Part 2’.

    I’ve copied folders/files into the MAMP htdocs folder, but when I try and run the script in Chrome I’m getting the Yahoo page in the attached image.

    I’m running http://localhost/SocialAutoPilots/Twitter-Auto-Pilot/pilots/FoxSaidWhat/index.php

    And I’ve checked the Apache server is running.

    Any ideas?

  • Jenna Potter

    I think I’m adding the wrong folders to my localhost. Can you confirm which ones I add? I included a screenshot :) Thanks.

    • You should add TwitterAutoPilot.php & your .php pilot file.

  • Lucian Bradford

    Hii joey, great post. Thanks for sharing.

    Well I have been using wizugo for my twitter automation and it showed me some
    pretty good results. Have you tried it?

  • Jelagalk

    Joey, you’ve done a great job here. Am trying to create new account after opening the index.php that redirected me to login page. When i tried to create fresh account is saying We could not register you “please email ——”

    Please help me out. my email