My College Notes! University College Cork, Ireland 2010 – 2013

Hey All,

So for one of my very first blog posts, I wanted to provide something useful.. aka my notes from college!

The notes were created over the course of my degree in Computer Science @ University Collge Cork in Ireland. The subjects they cover range from

  • Algorithms to Databases,
  • Multimedia Design to Java Development,
  • Artificial Intelligence to System Security and a whole lot more.

Over the years they have been used quite a lot, both by myself and my class! I’ve heard from countless people that these notes are actually what got them through the years! In fact, I actually received a 100 euro gift card from my class mates on the day of our last exam in 2013.

Gift Card Last Day of Exams

 Check it out (I’m the guy standing up in the white shirt!)

Ha ha!

So, here they are! Please be sure to share the link with anyone you think they may be useful to. Also feel free to comment on this blog post with any questions you may have for any of the exams.

4th Year –

3rd Year –

2nd Year –


The notes include:

  • Assignments and answers corrected for various modules,
  • Exam papers for up to 10 years back completed and checked with lecturers,
  • Notes for every module, and loads of other helpful material.
  • I even included my Final Year Project, its over 100 pages long, and I literally spent a 30-40 hours planning the format, content and structure based on a marking scheme I got from the lecturers. It paid off though, achieved a final result of 85% in the project, one of the highest results ever achieved in Computer Science @ UCC.

FYI – my stream was Web Systems while taking Computer Science.

Again, if you have any questions or feedback, just comment here. :)