iOS App Distribution Using Hockey App Tutorial

This tutorial explains the entire process of setting up an app on a user’s iOS device using HockeyApp.


(HockeyApp allows developers to distribute iOS apps to user’s without the use of the Apple App Store)

You will essentially

* register a user’s device with HockeyApp (,

* attach their UUID to a developer portal profile,

* build your app with that profile (so the user can access the app),

* upload that app to HockeyApp (which sends the user’s an invitation link to download and use it).


Ok, let’s begin!


Developer Steps (To Getting User’s UUID, & Sending Them App Download Link)

1. Go to the ‘Devices’ tab on your hockey app dashboard (

2. Click the ‘Guided Process’ button.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.38.29

Note: I have 2 devices already registered

3. Send the link shown to whoever you want to download your app. You can send via email, Twitter, Facebook etc.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.39.33

4. User carries out steps below. You should now see their UUID on your devices dashboard.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.38.29

Note: There may be some instance when the devices UUID is not sent to the hockey app devices dashboard. However there is another alternative to getting the users UUID. Please see for some short easy to follow steps.

5. Now go to your iTunes Developer Account. Click the ‘All’ under the ‘Devices’ tab on the left and hit the ‘+’ button on the top right to add a new device. Enter a name for the device and the UUID on the user’s device.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 11.19.11

6. Once the device is added, click the ‘All’ under the ‘Provisioning Profiles’ tab on the left and hit the ‘+’ button on the top right to add a new provisioning profile. Select ‘In House’ and click continue. Follow the steps selecting the app you wish to grant access to the user, the devices on which you want to grant access to run the app, the certificate you wish to sign the app with, enter a name for the profile and click ‘Generate’

7. Ensure the correct profiles are selected for both the project and target.

Note: You may need to go to XCode preferences -> account -> double click on the Apple ID name and then hit the refresh button to make sure all profiles and certificates are synced between your machine and the developers portal.

8. Archive your app. (XCode menu -> Product -> Archive).

Note: XCode is quite good and ‘guessing’ what profiles you need when you try to archive your app. If something is missing when archiving / building, XCode will tell you, and all you really have to do is follow the simple steps which basically means clicking ‘Fix It’, which will allow XCode to download / or create the particular profiles for you.

9. Go to your HockeyApp Mac App and click ‘Upload New Build’.

10. Select the appropriate build and hit ‘Upload’.

11. Enter all the details and options you wish and hit ‘Upload’. ALL DONE!


User Steps (to Downloading Developer App via Hockey App)

1. Open the link that you have been sent, and hit the ‘Install’ button.


2. Hit the ‘Install’ button again.


3. Hit the ‘Done’ button.


4. You have now sent us your Universally Unique Identifier (UUID), which we can use to authorise your phone the access it needs to download the app(s) in question.


5. You should also create an account with hockey app.

* Whenever a new build of the app is available you will receive an email with a new link for you to simply click once which will allow you to download the latest version. Without this feature, a link to each new version will have to be manually sent to each user.

* Will allow you to see the latest release notes with each new available version of the app.

* Will allow you to leave feedback on each version of an app.

* Will allow all crashes, should they happen, to be logged for developers to investigate.

There you have it!

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.


Here’s what to do next…

  1. Leave a comment below telling me which point surprised, inspired or taught you the most.
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