App Landr – Generate Unlimited Landing Pages for Your iPhone Apps for Free

Are you a mobile app developer?

Do you develop mobile apps for Apple?

..If you do, then this post is just for you!

How would you like to generate unlimited landing pages for your iPhone apps for free?

I developed a website called App Landr, which allows you to do just that.

App Landr is a new free online tool that allows mobile developers to generate unlimited landing pages for their iPhone apps.

App Landr allows Apple App developers to enter theĀ app store URL to their app in an input field on the App Landr website, hit the ‘Create Landing Page’ button, and the App Landr system will generate their unique landing page by pulling all the data for their app using Apple’s App Store API. This data is then parsed & incorporated into a pre-made template (with several different styles) to be rendered for the user to share with the world!


With App Landr you can..

  • Save hours of your time,
  • Create professional looking landing pages in seconds,
  • Market your mobile apps to the world,
  • Get real up to date data pulled directly from the Apple App Store regarding your app,
  • Have landing pages that are always available & online,
  • Receive supportĀ 24/7.


Did I mention all of this is free?

What are you waiting for? Try App Landr now!