6 Telltale Signs You’re Much Smarter Than Average

In order to be our most focused and to get things done, we need to feel relaxed.

While some people work best under pressure, there is no doubt that the majority of us would at least prefer to cross items off their to-do list without bursting a nerve while completing each item.

Relaxation provides us with the juice or energy to charge our batteries and move forward in all other areas of our life. In a nut shell, how we take breaks, how we unwind & relax. How we spend our time, when its time to enjoy ourselves.

  • How often do we do something just for the fun of it?
  • Do we have a good work / life balance?
  • Can we substitute a hobby or two, for more constructive ones?
  • How many new hobbies have we picked up this year?
  • What pastimes excite us the most, and how often do we partake in those pastimes?



Learn To Speed Read

Speed reading is a very useful tool, which all people would do well to pick up. Books have always been a great source of information. Nowadays there is vast army of information hubs such as internet articles, magazines, brochures etc.

However each medium has one thing in common… in order to extract the information it must be read.

In this sense, it’s important to gather the information as quickly as possible, so that you can gain more knowledge in limited time, which makes you smarter and more productive as you may avoid common pitfalls in a task due to your experience.

Like anything, speed reading comes with practice and there are multiple apps on the Apple & Android apps stores to help you with this.


Practice Meditation and Yoga

Yoga is different from cardio or weight training because it stretches the body in all directions, keeps the brain alert, active, involved and motivated, and this rewires the brain to the body, helping you gain a better sense of awareness of the present.

Your brain will likely be more focused after a session of Yoga and your concentration is will be a lot higher as well. Not to mention you are likely to do better at work or at studies as a result.

Meditation can have the same effects as Yoga. The great thing about Meditation is that you don’t have to be trained in order to take part, and you can pick up the various meditation techniques quite easily by yourself simply by reading about them.

Many of the top CEO’s of today such as Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page & Elon Musk all practice mediation.

It has worked wonders for them and their levels of concentration, and there is absolutely no reason why meditation can’t work work for you too.


Write Down Your Most Prominent Thoughts

If you’ve got anything on your mind, jot it down on a writing pad. Writing down your thoughts can be quite therapeutic and will give your brain a lot of relief, possibly relieving you from thinking about that thought at all until you are ready to deal with it.

For example, if you are in bed and you keep thinking of important things you either must do or say to someone else, those thoughts may keep you awake.

The best advice I can give you is to simply write them down on paper or in your phone (although it’s not advised to look at bright screen when you are trying to sleep) in order to release the though from your mind.


Produce First And Consume Second

There are countless books, magazines, articles, seminars, people and so on that you may learn from in the world today. It is extremely important that you learn from these resources.

However, it must also be noted that while it is so important to learn from those resources, it is more important to learn from yourself.

Learn from your triumphs and learn from your mistakes. Use what you learned to create your own products, books & successful lifestyle that you dream of.

Learn from some of the best, but don’t spend all your time learning. Find the correct balance that will allow you to gain your own valuable experiences.

Create your own empire, make educated decisions, focus, keep the momentum going and be prepared to learn quickly.


Don’t Waste Time

Every day we have so many tasks that we want to get done. But sometimes we fall short and only complete some of our daily quota. It’s normal, and it happens a lot.

Thing is, failing should should not be considered normal to us. Even so, we can avoid this problem all together by simply not wasting our time in the first place. Say no more often, and get some work done!

“When you’re out there partying & horsing around, someone out there at the same time is is working hard, someone is getting smarter, & someone is winning. Just remember that.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Grind It Out

We all have dreams, want’s and desires. We are human and this is completely natural. However, we cannot expect to have what we want unless we are willing to work for it.

Someone once said in order to become a master in a given skill, you need to be willing to put in at least 1000 hours.

There is certainly some truth to that saying. It doesn’t guarantee that after 1000 hours you will be successful. It does, however, guarantee that you will be far closer to achieving your goal than you ever were before.

So how do you actually get started or get on the road to putting in your 1000 hours? One simple way is to make a schedule for yourself and your daily activities.

Simply make a list of the tasks (the important tasks) that you would like to accomplish. The order these tasks according to their priority – note the best metric to use for priority here is the importance the particular task has towards helping you achieve your goal, not how much you want to do that task.

One your tasks are listed and ranked, use a calendar tool like Google Calendar to plan those tasks into your schedule. A great technique is to place your most demanding tasks early in the morning or afternoon when you are most awake and the less demanding tasks when you are almost ready to go to bed!