7 Signs You’re Successful – Even If It Doesn’t Feel Like It

Sometimes you may find that you are working yourself to the bone and you still don’t feel like you’re getting enough done.

However you may find that you are doing incredibly well, you just don’t know it or feel like you are.

You cannot get enough. You’re working non stop. You’re achieving goals.

Whether you know it or not, you are already successful.


Set Deadlines And Reflect

To make sure you don’t stray from completing your goals, you should create deadlines for each task. And stick to those deadlines. Set a time by which you expect to be finished the task. That way, whenever you do happen to go overtime, you will know immediately. With this knowledge you can go ahead and assess why you went over time:

Was there a lot of distractions?

Did I lack the required skills?

Was the task too difficult?

What took up most of the time?


Complete The Most Difficult Task First

Most of us have a lot of tasks on our to-do list. In the majority of cases, you should always begin working on the task that you think will take the most time, or perhaps the task that you wish to work on the least.

The reason behind this is that you will usually have a higher level of strength and motivation when starting on your todo list.

Now not everybody is the same and some people actually gain momentum with each item they cross off their todo list. Even so it is still a good idea to take care of your most difficult tasks first so that as the day goes on an you use more mental energy, you are left with your most loved or ‘easier’ tasks before you go to bed.


Eliminate Temptation

In the age we live in, the computer age, there are millions upon millions of unique distractions that can keep us from completing our goals. It can sometimes be difficult to remove these distractions, but there are most definitely steps you can take to reduce the chance that you will be distracted.

If there is nothing floating around you that you may perhaps be distracted by, then you greatly increase the probability of completing your task. For example, if your television is off, your less likely to turn it on ie. to watch it. If your mobile is is on silent you less likely to look at it often, as you won’t hear messages or phone calls.


Reward is Better Than Punishment

With the previous point in mind, it is absolutely crucial to acknowledge that reward is better than punishment.

It’s all well in good to hold yourself accountable for failures, in the hope that you will be afraid to fail next time. However, it is so much more powerful to create positive links to the feeling of success rather than negative ties to that of failure.

Therefore, your rewards for achieving your goal should be so much more motivating and desirable than that fear of failure or the want to avoid failure.


Become A Guru

To become a guru is to become one of the best minds in your chosen field. You know why incredibly smart people are often jokingly referred to as rocket scientists? Or maybe brain surgeons? It is because they are among the 1% of people in the world who are wolves in their given profession.

Their field of study has taken years upon years of study and practice and they are more than likely still far from perfect.

The point is, to become a rockstar entrepreneur you don’t have to be perfect. You also don’t have to be made of super advanced alien juice. You just need to work hard. Another quote I love reads

“Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.” – Kevin Durant
Get up at 5:30am and destroy your goals. Write them down and rip them into pieces, don’t just cross them off a list.


The Desire For Success

There is no point in trying to go after something that you don’t really want. Let me rephrase that, there’s no point going after something that you don’t really want to work for. That’s the key point here.

Above all else you need to have the will to succeed. You need to really want what you are chasing, otherwise, there’s no point in chasing is at all. It makes sense that in order to be completely vested in achieving a certain goal, you need to be completely interested in driving yourself towards that goal.

We all have wants and desires. We all have things you want to buy and places we want to go. However, sometimes we simply want our dessert before we even touch our dinner. In theory, this can work for short periods of time, but it will never become a sustainable solution.

We need to work hard for what we want in this world. The proof is in the pudding. We can all do. And to be perfectly honest, half the fun of the catch is in the chase itself.


Don’t Trade Time for Money

While so many of us may go a step further and work overtime for extra cash or get a part-time job on the side, it is essential that we don’t go overboard and let making more money in the short term supersede our own goals.

Something that we are all guilty of is spending countless hours working towards achieving someone else’s goals. We do it every day when we go to work.

While this is true and is essential in our financial survival, we still have quite some time outside of our day to day job that we can spend any way we wish.

Young millionaires have realized that time is a more valuable commodity than money, and that it’s more important to spend their time wisely at that will ultimately bring generate more wealth, that simply trading time for money ever would.

Always plan ahead, layout your day, and stick to a plan that you have already decided is filled with tasks that will take you further along the path to achieving your goals.