7 Wise Habits of Supremely Happy People

In this day and age, happiness is a state of mind and is as much a decision to be made as what to have for breakfast.

You hold all the cards and have complete and utter control over how happy you are.

Why not use this opportunity to be happy all the time?


Create A Smart To-Do List

Begin by creating a smart to-do list that only contains the tasks that you have been avoiding. This will be the place that you list the tasks that you have been really avoiding but that you also really want to get done.

For every task on this list you must be sure that it was something you have had to do for a while now, but that you have been putting off, no matter what the reason. This will be the final resting place for those tasks.


Prioritize Each Task

To prioritize your goals is to ensure that you have meaning in accomplishing them. Prioritize your goals, prioritize your tasks at work, prioritize what your going to eat. We’re given an unending amount of choices in our everyday lives.

So much so that we always need to make decisions as to which choice is best for us, and there is no better way to do this that to prioritize those choices to ensure we are making educated decisions.

How do you prioritize? Take a pen and paper and make several lists. These lists will vary for every person, but for arguments sake lets take the above examples. One list each for your goals (short term i.e. within on year), work tasks and meals during they week.

For your goals write down absolutely everything you would like to achieve this year. Say you have 20 goals written down now, assign traits like how great the accomplishment will make you feel, rolling momentum effect, monetary gain and inspiration spread among others to each goal.

Measure which traits mean the most to you and choose your goals accordingly.

Eventually this will become second nature, and simply listing your goals and reviewing those goals will be enough for you to ascertain which ones are ultimately most important.


Punish Yourself For Failing

Sometimes we create goals with the best intentions, and we really do work hard to achieve those goals, but at a certain point we simply slack off or delay execution of the task, which ultimately causes us to fail overall!

I suggest we hold ourselves accountable for each failure, and create ‘punishments’ for each of them, where the bigger the task is the bigger the punishment will be.

This may seem counter-intuitive as if the task is a large difficult or important one then our chances of failing may be even larger still, so it is more likely that we will fail… well that is just the point of creating a more severe punishment, so that we will strive to complete the tasks that matter the most.

This can also tie into the previous point. Here we could simply tell our friends what we are aiming to accomplish, and let them hold the power to deliver the punishment if we fail.


The Dream Team

There’s a famous saying that declares that you are “the average of your three best friends”, and to be perfectly honest, this could not be more true. If you spend your time with uncontrollably optimistic people who are full of energy and overwhelmingly exciting ideas.. well… guess what?

That special ooomph formula that they have flowing through their veins will most certainly begin taking over your own being and cause you to become more like them.

The same can be said if your friends, colleagues, family or whoever you spend the most time with are just pointlessly complaining about nothing important just for the sake of it. I’ve personally been there, and as soon as I realised what they were like, I made a decision to limit the amount of exposure I have to them.


Believe In Yourself And What You Are Doing

The fact is, if you believe so deeply and passionately about something that does not actually exist yet, you might just will it into existence. It’s a lesser know fact among the individuals of the world I believe, simply because it is so difficult to put a finger on it.

So in a nutshell people, go forward and move mountains to make what you are doing come true, inspire and innovate to your grandest ability and drive the entire world forward (or at least a portion of it) in one way or another.

Let’s stand back a second and think about this. Where would Arnold be if he didn’t believe in himself?

What would Elon be doing if he didn’t decide to work hard and passionately on every project he undertakes? Would Obama be the most powerful man in the world if he decided to let circumstances take over?

The answer to how-to-be-successful has always been an easy one to answer. Give everything you do 120%.

Always have faith and believe that there is bright side to every situation. You can succeed, all you have to do is believe in yourself.


Never Touch Things Twice

Something we have a habit of doing is leaving of tasks to a later time, even when we may have everything we need to complete the task right in front of us.

This is such a time waster and almost always breaks the momentum you have built up as it causes you to delay the execution of other tasks too.

As soon as we are ready to tackle a task, and have what we need, we should take the time to get it over and done with and crossed of our todo list. Especially if a tasks takes five minutes or less to complete. We should always get those done and over with right away, without any delay what so ever.


Love What You Do

“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

Is is vital and something we need to keep in mind when working full time either for ourselves or for another business, company or individual.

It is incredibly easier to succeed when you have an inner passion for what you do. You would work extra hours, with 120%, even on the weekends… and you wouldn’t even realise it! Why? Because you love what you do, and there is no where else you would rather be.

9 / 10 even when an individual is in a much more lucrative market, they will ultimately measure themselves less successful than those who are dominating a less lucrative market, but doing something they completely love.

The fact is that love for your product / service / job shines through and through like nothing else. It is something that everyone you work with will see. It is such a glow that will drive you to success above all else. The desire to achieve.