8 Simple Tips For Being Nice, Assertive & Negotiating

Being nice is important after all bees naturally gravitate towards honey ;)


However, there are times when you definitely should be assertive and make things right instead.


1) When somebody does something unethical.

2) When the facts are pointing in the other direction.

3) When it’s better to be honest.


9/10 times you will be doing the other person a favor by being assertive.


As a follow up to being assertive over nice, negotiating is ideal if you want to do something in between.


But don’t forget the following..


1) First, identify the other person’s pain points.

2) Consider what you already know about them to better understand what they want.

3) Know what you’re willing to give up. A negotiation should end with both sides winning.

4) Never negotiate over email as emotions play an important role in reading the negotiation itself.

5) Make your thoughts heard. After all, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know.

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