7 Million Dollar Tips for Growth Hacking Your Product

Growth Hacking, a latent secret, can boost your business without challenging your pockets. People from all walks of life, especially entrepreneurs, who wish to achieve incredible growth, often make an effort to follow growth hacking strategies, as it pumps traffic to their website and allows them to find ways to accomplish specific goals.

According to professional and successful startup entrepreneurs, it’s better to follow growth hacking strategies, rather than struggling with learning the various concepts related to marketing from scratch. You banish all the needless noise, and just focus on your core goals.

If you don’t want to struggle with first-time pain while learning how you can create and market your business to success, I’ve got 7 million-dollar tips for you.

So, are you ready to make serious progress? Let’s begin…



#1 Offer Something Free

Offer something free on your pre-launch page. It’s all about calling lavish-tea gatherings before launching the product, or service, professionally. Allow people to have a taste of your business so that they can build hype and impel their friends to check out your business too. It’s a million-dollar strategy that can take people’s curiosity to new heights without burning a hole in your pocket. Just remember, if you’re offering something for free, it should be so valuable that everybody wants to share it. Various renowned people, like Seth Godin, Eben Pagan, Tony Robbins, Frank Kern, and etc, use this growth hacking strategy, and set their product’s success, before its official launch.


#2 Show Exclusivity

Are you exclusive? Exhibit that. People always like to use products that are exclusive. They tell their friends and that builds up hype around your product. Therefore, exhibit the exclusive side of your product, as much as you can. Compel them to turn their heads and notice you. The more you do that, the more you become an attention-getter.


#3 Make Use of Relationships

Contact a professional reporter. Ask him or her to promote your product, at least through their social media account. If it’s not possible, stay in touch with your renowned friends, with big lists. Offer them your product for free, and persuade them to write a review for you, and put a status on their Facebook or Twitter accounts. Though, it appears rather a typical strategy, it can create amazing results. All you need is hype. Once you get it, you rise above competitors, and boost your business tremendously.


#4 Show Your Hand

It’s time to turn lookers into buyers. It’s time to flabbergast people, and glean the real consumers out of them. Launch your product, or service, with utter authority, and expose all the benefits which it can offer to the clients. You’ve already earned the fame. Therefore, this will hit the people like a thunderbolt, and they’ll feel the compulsion to buy it straight away… In addition, show them the price, and keep it according to your targeted consumers’ status; this would also expel the freebie seekers, and engage you with the real customers.


#5 Programs and Competitions

Yes! The website needs constant activity in order to lure more business. Allow the customers to see that you’re product is not just a trend. When you exhibit social proof, with the help of different programs and competitions, you enhance the trust level and make people excited about your product. We’ve seen that various online entrepreneurs use different contests to generate leads and engaged customers.


#6 The Email Marketing

Email Marketing can be an absolutely huge source of paid customers if it is done correctly. Correctly in the sense that all emails send are of a useful nature to people they are sent to. You can of course, offer your products or tell users about a new service you are offering or even a book you are reading. However you need to show them these things gently, never force something upon anyone in your mailing list. Always be as helpful as you can.


#7 Testimonials Grow Business

Believe it or not, testimonials are the bridges between you and your success. It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting your business or have spent decades in it, testimonials are always red-hot, and gain the attention of consumers. However, these days, new entrepreneurs are making a small mistake regarding them. They don’t pay much attention to testimonials, because they have already closed the sale and made their money. Well the fact is, the happiness of your previous customers is tantamount to creating new customers as well.



There are many tips you can follow to achieving success with your product or service. The above are a few of the things that I have found to be the most important. The bottom line would be that consistent hard work will eventually beget success, you just have to stay motivated and determined that you will one day achieve what you have been working so hard for. Never give up. Keep moving, because will eventually make it.