7 Life Hacks To Become A Rockstar Entrepreneur

There are always going to be those people who turn everything they touch into gold. Anything they focus on seems to be extremely fruitful in the end. Their power and success seems completely boundless.

It can be very frustrating to look on in envy and wonder, what are they doing so different? How are they able to become such pillars of success?

Simply put, they don’t just ‘become successful’. The countless rockstar entrepreneurs we see in our world today all have many traits in common, and the fact, we all probably are aware of at least half of the commonalities between those that are successful, that make them successful. We probably have a good idea of what needs to be done to climb the stairs to success, but we decide that it is too difficult, lack motivation or are unsure if what we believe is what it really takes.


Well here we go. I am going to list 7 reasons why I believe these entrepreneurial rockstars have made it. Once we have a good idea of the steps we need to take, we can then take them! One at a time. While these points are pretty obvious, we often get caught up in our daily lives, causing us to forget about them entirely. Please read along, leave your own opinions in the comments.


1. Do What You Love

In this day and age there are so many different businesses all over the world, and thousands upon thousands of new startups emerge on a weekly basis. With that in mind we must always work on something that we actually want to be working on. It’s so important that we love what we do. There is a great quote by Marc Anthony that reads,

“Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”.

Is is one of the most important we need to keep in mind when working full time either for ourselves or for another business, company or individual.

It is incredibly easier to succeed when you have an inner passion for what you do. You would work extra hours, with 120%, even on the weekends… and you wouldn’t even realise it! Why? Because you love what you do, and there is no where else you would rather be.

9 / 10 even when an individual is in a much more lucrative market, they will ultimately measure themselves less successful than those who are dominating a less lucrative market, but doing something they completely love.

The fact is that love for your product / service / job shines through and through like nothing else. It is something that everyone you work with will see. It is such a glow that will drive you to success above all else. The desire to achieve.


2. Build A Magnificent Team

There’s a famous saying that tells us your are “the average of your three best friends”, and to be perfectly honest, this could not be more true. If you spend your time with uncontrollably optimistic people who are full of energy and overwhelmingly exciting ideas.. well… guess what? That special ooomph formula that they have flowing through their veins will most certainly begin taking over your own being and cause you to become more like them.

The same can be said if your friends, colleagues, family or whoever you spend the most time with are just pointlessly complaining about nothing important just for the sake of it. I’ve personally been there, and as soon as I realised what they were like, I made a decision to limit the amount of exposure I have to them.


3. Be An Absolute Guru In Your Market

You know why incredibly smart people are often jokingly referred to as rocket scientists? Or maybe brain surgeons? It is because they are among the 1% of people in the world who are wolves in their given profession. Their field of study has taken years upon years of study and practice and they are more than likely still far from perfect.

The point is, to become a rockstar entrepreneur you don’t have to be perfect. You also don’t have to be made of super advanced alien juice. You just need to work hard. Another quote I love reads

“Hard work beats talent, where talent doesn’t work hard.”

Get up at 5:30am and destroy your goals. Write them down and rip them into pieces, don’t just cross them off a list.


4. Believe In Yourself & What You Are Doing

Ok so apart from loving what you do, you need to believe in it more than anything else. The fact is, if you believe so deeply and passionately about something that does not actually exist yet, you might just will it into existence. It’s a lesser know fact amongst the individuals of the world I believe, simply because it is so difficult to put a finger on it. So in a nutshell people, go forward and move mountains to make what you are doing come true, inspire and innovate to your grandest ability and drive the entire world forward (or at least a portion of it) in one way or another.

Let’s stand back a second and think about this. Where would Arnold be if he didn’t believe in himself? What would Elon be doing if he didn’t decide to work hard and passionately on every project he undertakes? Would Obama be the most powerful man in the world if he decided to let circumstances take over?

The answer to how-to-be-successful has always been an easy one to answer. Give everything you do 120%. Always have faith and believe that there is bright side to every situation. You can succeed, all you have to do is believe in yourself.


5. Focus On Growing Because No Other Metric Really Matters

This one is as simple as it sounds, and the title tells it all.

There is not point whatsoever doing what you do if you are not getting better. You need to improve on a daily basis in order to every have a change of become the best you can be. Push the boundaries and don’t look back at any mistakes, just learn from them. Which leads me to mention, you should never compare yourself with others when measuring your own growth.

And here’s a personal point to add to that. I’m about 5’6” and being a guy most people I know are at least an inch or two taller. Some say we ‘small people’ are at a disadvantage ha ha!! Hell no. I wake every morning at 6am and destroy the day. I inspire others and am constantly told that I’m a motivation. I support my family & friends in every way and I never nor will I ever, buckle or crumble under pressure applied. Each and every success or trouble that comes along simply hardens my own resolve to step up my game, and enjoy doing it in the process. I will never focus on anyone else’s life or current state of being because I’m unaware of the path they have walked to get there. And neither should you. All we know for sure is our own path, and nobody else can walk it for us.

Actually I just remembered that the title is focus on growing, so I just want to let you know that no pun was intended!!


6. Care About Everyone You Meet And Improve Their Lives

One of my favourite quotes reads

“The true value of a man is measured by the way in which he treats those who can do absolutely nothing for him”.

I love this quote so much. And the reason is obvious, but I’m going to explain anyway.

Your not in this world to do everything for yourself. You should never step over other’s to get to where you want to be. Instead speak up, form a group of like minded people, create a chain together and rise as one single unit, to be reckoned with.

It is far more empowering to give than to receive. You feel much better and karma is a real thing FULL STOP


7. Identify Your Power Point & Take Control Of Your Mind

Ok so last but not least, actually one of the most important.

You were put on this earth for a reason, and never forget it. You are one special mother****** and you deserve the best that life has to offer. But believe it or not you actually won’t just get that for free. Not even if your mammy and daddy are lovely.

You have to make a conscious decision to compete against a surprisingly formidable character. It will not be easy and you will be beaten from time to time, but it’s simple, deicide now to get back up and fight. This formidable foe I’m talking about it off course your own mind. Fact is, your mind decides how successful you will be. It decides how healthy you will be and whether or not you will have a strong body. It decides if you will be happy in life.

Take the time to find out what makes you tick. What makes you strong. What makes formidable. Focus on understanding that. Focus on improving. Do your best and above all else, remember, you are in absolute control of your life.


That’s All Folks

Remember, success, motivation and a glowing desire are incredibly clear and noticeable. They are so very often contagious, and as you spread your own upward spiral of success amongst people in the world, you give them permission to do the same, to other’s who you may have never even known.

You see your success is paramount, and it drives so many around you forward to achieve their own goals.

The point of this all you say? Ignore or deal with all distractions. Find your inner focus. Set goals & tear down your life around you until your reach those goals. No hesitation and plan b’s. Again, why you say? Well.. because nothing else really matters unless you are moving forward.


Here’s what to do next…

  1. Leave a comment below telling me which point surprised, inspired or taught you the most.
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    • Your welcome, glad you like it.

      Some of these points are so easy to overlook, and to be fair make a lot of sense once they are written down!