7 Flawless Ways You Can Upgrade Your Life

Our choices define us.

Do you ever wonder what are the most important, perhaps cost efficient tasks you could could be working on, that would improve your life the most?

No matter who we are, every day of the week we are faced with choices. Some decisions we need to make will be more difficult than others. For example, will I eat that chocolate muffin, or will I go training? Will I go for another 2 hours working on that project, or will I watch that movie I’ve been wanting to?

While we all deserve a treat from time to time, let’s never loose sight of the fact that treats seldom provide long lasting results. Sure we feel temporary enjoyment, but that’s about it.

So I ask you, why bother with so many treats? Why not skip 90% of them, and upgrade your life instead?



Greet Everyone By Name

One of the best things anyone can do to make another person feel good about themselves and to cause them to take an interest in you or what you will say next, is by greeting them by their name. Quite a simple concept yet it is usually over looked. Whether it is your closest friend or someone you barely know, always greet them by their name.

Now this may be more easily said than done in some cases, especially when you meet a lot of new faces on a regular basis, however that just enforces the results when you strive to remember each and everyone’s name. They will respect you for it, and they will in turn, remember your name too.


A Positive Network

As humans, we can experience so many different kinds of feelings, moods and frames of mind. While the feelings of success, productivity and happiness are among some of the most important we need to experience in order to be motivated, there are many other feelings that we may indeed experience that may force us in the other direction and cause us to feel demotivated.

We should strive to remove ourselves from the path of as much negativity as we possibly can. While we cannot ever fully avoid negative thoughts or experiences as they are natural in everyone’s lives, we can however reduce the effect they have on us.

We should simply deal with whatever negative situation that comes along as quickly as possible, not devoting any more time thinking about the situation than is necessary.

Similarly we should only network with positive individuals as far as possible, and try our best to avoid those who are prone to complaining unnecessarily or who are generally negative. It really does not matter what those people may be negative about.

If an individual takes the time to complain about something they are not going to do anything about, they are essentially wasting their time, and they might as well have been talking about something more positive to begin with!


Always Support The Success of Others

One of the greatest abilities of human beings in our world today is the ability to support others. We can all be very strong individuals but it’s only when we come together and form bonds with others, that we are truly as powerful as we can be.

It’s not all about you, and there are always, always people in your life that you should support. Not because you have to, but because you love doing so. Because their success means a lot to you.

Knowing that you are strong enough to support other people in their endeavors as well as chase your own dreams, is incredibly empowering and is a win-win situation for all involved.”

Be excited for their success, and when it comes be there to congratulate them. The power of positivity is an incredible trait, they will never forget how you stuck with them through thick and thin, and they will be eternally grateful.


You Are The Average of Your Three Best Friends

There has always been a belief that you are the average of your three best friends. And it is completely true. For some people that may be their five best friends. For other’s it may be their team colleagues at work.

The bottom line is that no matter who you are you will always notice that the people you choose to spend time around will have an effect on how you feel and what you do on a day-to-day basis.

It said that if you hang out with rich people you will be rich. If you hang out with charismatic people you will be loved. If your best friends complain a lot you will be pessimistic. We can all relate to this.

So why not hang out with the people whom you wish to be like. While everybody is their own individual person, it’s importance to note that your friends do indeed have an effect on your lifestyle.

This can be either extremely beneficial or terribly troublesome or both. It’s up to you to decide who are the best people that you need in your life.


Never Let People Get In Your Way

One thing I have seen over and over again, is that people you know can have a huge influence on how you act and what you do, whether we realise it or not. We should never let anybody dictate how we think.

Ideally, we make a decision first, and then ignore anybody who has a problem with that!

Productive people do what’s most important at the moment it is most important to do it. They forget the norm, and create the future they deserve. You are not harming anybody with this attitude. However if you do wait for approval for what you do, you will be then harming yourself in the process.

“Whoever is not with me is against me, and whoever does not gather with me scatters.” – Matthew 12:30


It Is Better To Give Than To Receive

This is an age old saying but it is one that we often choose to ignore. It is far better to give than to actually receive. Much more satisfactions can be gained by giving presents and positive experiences during Christmas than actually receiving them yourself.

I can personally guarantee you (if you possess a good heart) that you will go to sleep a much happier person after giving many gifts on Christmas day and seeing your family’s reactions than receiving gifts yourself. It is far more empowering to give than to receive. You feel much better and karma is a real thing.


Be Charismatic

How do so many actors have fans numbering in the 10’s of millions? Why does the world love them so much? Well, there are many reasons, but there is one reason for certain.

Charisma is defined as a compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

Something that many young actors have in excess. To be charismatic is to be a person others love to be around, to be a person that inspires great work and dedication in those he or she spends time with.

We’ve all experienced this at some point in our lives, where we have done something great and inadvertently caused those we are around to do something great themselves.

So keep motivating other’s, through being someone that they admire and want to be like. How can you do this? Simply be yourself, have a code of honor, do good deeds, focus on your goals and never, ever give up.