6 Things Successful People (Who Are Actually Happy) Do Differently

In order to feel a sense of accomplishment in our lives, it is very important to like our careers.

We spend at least one third of our lives working, and so it is paramount that the career we have chosen is one in which we can learn and grow as people so that we do not become bored or wish that we did not have to work at that particular job in the first place.

  • Do we love, or even like our jobs?
  • How would we describe our work environments?
  • Do we feel our jobs are both challenging & rewarding?
  • What are our plans for the future & is our current job pushing us in the right direction?
  • How comfortable are we in completing daily tasks?



Break Down Each Task

Now that you have a list of what you need to do, go ahead and break each task down into sub-tasks. This is the easiest way to break them into manageable tasks that you can tick off your list one at a time.

Any task that seems overwhelming or perhaps too difficult are prime candidates for this. Below each of them, envision what needs to be done to complete them… then simply write down each step you think you will need to take to write that entire task off.

Once you start to cross of the sub-tasks you will begin to develop a sense of accomplishment. It is this self propelling fuel that will build up the momentum you need to keep going.. and enjoy the ride while your at it.


Don’t Fall Prey to ‘Urgent’ Tasks

Each and every day we are presented with a mountain of interesting tasks that we need to get done before our head hits the pillow that night.

However a lot of these tasks may be a dark knight in disguise. Some tasks may seem urgent and first and second glance, but may in fact be taking up more of your time that is really necessary – or keeping you busy at a time when you should be working on another task.

It is often a good idea to take care of tasks for a set amount of time, planned before they need actually be completed. That way you only spend as much effort as is necessary and minimise the amount of wasted time.


Make Use Of Existing Tools

There are some really helpful tools out there that allow you to assess how productive you are actually being on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. What better way to reflect on what you have done, to see if you are really making progress.

There are also many tools that allow you to block certain websites for an amount of time, to ensure that they cannot distract you.

One such website that accomplishes all of the above is called RescueTime. This website will track what you do on your computer and provide you with a beautiful report at the end of the week. In the report you will see where you spent your most distracting time and when you got the most amount of work done.

It is a very useful tool in learning when you are most productive and when you need to stay clear of certain distractions.


Make Your Intentions Known

One great way to complete your tasks is to simply tell your friends or loved ones about what you are trying to accomplish.

They will make a mental note and as a result you will essentially be held accountable for your goals. You will feel the desire to succeed, just so that when your friends ask you how you are getting on, you will be able to tell them that you are flying along.

Let’s face it, everyone wants to feel successful and what better way than moulding yourself into the alpha-male of the group. But thats only if you can complete the goals that you set out to compete in the first place.


Focus on the Feeling of Success

Think of the last time you felt truly successful. A time you went above and beyond what you believed you were capable of if possible, or a time when you crossed a difficult task of your to do list at the very least. What did you do and how did you feel?

You felt like you were in complete control. You felt a sense of accomplishment. You felt great about yourself. Do you like those feelings? Yes! Off course you do! We all do.

Take those emotions and imaging feeling them again. Now imagine them x2 for completing another, even more difficult task than the first. Woah, I’m already getting chills thinking about the emotions I will feel when I complete that task.

Each of us has a responsibility to become the best that we can be. There are no valid excuses, only clouded reasons to make yourself feel more comfortable with being an average person.

The fact is, we as human beings can develop incredible levels of motivation over time. It is inevitable when focusing and achieving our goals. The momentum we build up after completing several goals of ours becomes an unstoppable force. A force that not only drives us forward, but those around us.

“The only person who can pull me down is myself, and I’m not going to let myself pull me down anymore.” – C. JoyBell C


Maximize Your Strengths

We must realize that it is incredible to have skills in many areas, however if you truly want to be successful you need to have a specific area of expertise. You need to be fantastic at something, where you achieve a level of expertise that other’s can only dream of.

While the jack of all trades approach is certainly a useful trait to possess, nobody on this planet has become super successful through being good at everything.

That is the ticket to your success and what better place to start, but by analysing what you are already good at i.e. what are your strengths today. Focus on those.

For each strength, find out what you can do to become even better and integrate a plan to work on that strength each and every day. Use it to drive you forward.

After all, you will have far greater levels of motivation and dedication when doing something you are good at.