5 Unmistakable Methods to Achieving Your Inner Happiness

There are so many methods to becoming a happy person in this life.

However it can sometimes become unclear as to the correct path to take to achieve your own happiness.

The fact it, there is no ‘one path’ to take. Each and every one of us has the power to find a different path to take that will ultimately make us happy.


Achieve Laser Focus

For some it’s music or lighting a candle, for others it’s a trip to the gym before hand or cooking your favourite meal afterwards. We all can reach levels of focus we never thought possible.

The number one most prominent differentiator between mediocrity and meteoric success is the ability to work productively for hours at a time. Once you can achieve that zen zone i.e. combination of techniques that grant you the perfect concentration, the results will be remarkable. You will get mountains of work done and you will feel incredible.

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.” – Stephen Hawking

You will struggle to keep up with those who have achieved such if you don’t hop on the train right now, and train yourself to achieve laser focus. It’s like making a down payment on your success, with the highest rate of return.

Of course there are loads of things you can do to ensure optimum focus. From dimming the lights to turning off your phone. Listening to music, working out regularly, doing something fun just before long periods of work, in between or just after as a reward. Everyone is different, and only you know what you need to focus.


Wear Comfortable Clothes

There’s a famous quote that reads “Whether you think you can or you cannot, you’re right”. I think it’s important to remember this quote when purchasing new clothes for the sole reason that when you wear clothes that make you feel comfortable, confident and relaxed, that is exactly how you will carry yourself.

It is how you carry yourself and how you act that essentially determines how you feel in the long run. You may get a burst of confidence here and there for different reasons such as a powerful song, movie or situation, however if you consistently wear clothes that make you feel good about yourself, you will always feel the power that you truly have within yourself.

And you hold the key to letting it free… or locking it up.


Never Compare Yourself To Others

To compare yourself to another person, in any shape or form, whether it be financially, physically or otherwise related would be a mistake. As individuals we have no idea what other people have done to get where they are today and to achieve the results that they have. As a result, it is incredibly difficult to compare your path towards a particular means against their own path. And so, comparing yourself to another person for any reason, is essentially a waste of time!

Nothing useful is gained, only a certain frustration in some cases, for we would not understand why something may be working for another when they take a certain course of action, however does not work for us when we take the same course of action.

On the other hand, if we do compare ourselves to somebody else, and we find that our situation or result is particularly better than theirs, it may indeed create a feeling of false security in our actions and hinder us as a result, as we feel we have ‘done enough’ simply because it’s already more than they have done. This is, of course, an incorrect assumption.

The best course of action we can all take is to understand what we want to achieve firstly, and then only compare our results at any given time, with the results we had achieved at another point in time, which is earlier than that moment. We can and always will be improving in one way or another, it is our evolutionary advantage, therefore it is natural to feel good about our accomplishments when they are made apparent.

On the same note, when we understand the progress we have made, we will also feel a great sense of accomplishment, even if we have only made minimal progress.

The reason being that progress is still progress at the end of the day. ‘We should never confuse slow progress with no progress.” As long as we are moving in the right direction towards our goals, we can hold our heads up high, while focusing on how we can improve our rate of movement.


You’re In Charge Of Your Success

We must all remember that success is always within our reach. Whether success means making 10 million dollars, or helping 10 million people in poverty, it’s within your grasp to achieve your goal and always will be.

The fact is, success is rarely determined by one’s luck alone. Success is the by product of 1000 hours (at least) of grinding on your goals. Consistently working towards a target, being completely dedicated and relentless optimism are the core traits that will allow you to reach that target.

You will eventually achieve what you have always wanted if you work hard, keep the faith and follow the above principles. And while doing so there is no harm in helping those around you & learning as much as can along the way.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

You’re in control of your own success and if you fail… well pick yourself the hell up and try again.


It’s The Little Things That Count

It’s so easy to sight of ourselves in our hectic lifestyles. We can sometimes spend so much time focusing on what is the next most important task that we need to complete that we forget what is most important in the present moment.

Simply put, when we go about our day focusing on achieving our goals we should take the time to always take the little steps and do the little things that make us most happy.

For example, taking a walk or hitting the gym in the evening after work as a means of clearing out minds. Buying your favourite snack from time to time. Treating yourself to a new watch or reading another chapter of your favourite book. Or simply switching off as a certain time of the day for a set period of time.

What ever it is that makes you most happy, no matter how big or how small, will always be extremely important to your own success and should always be incorporated into your day.


Look At What You Have Accomplished

One of the ingredients of remaining motivated, is to have a certain level of willpower, which you can essentially use to kick start any task that you may have to complete or work towards on a given day. And where does willpower come from?

Willpower can be found and created in a lot of different ways, however one of the strongest methods I have come across is through self reflection.

To look back, (and please note here I am a strong advocate of only ‘looking back’ for constructive reasons such as the reason explained in this example or to recall a lesson, for example) and to remember ones achievements, lessons learned, or particular milestones reached, no matter how big or small, is certainly a great source of willpower & motivation.

Motivation which can be used in turn which can be used to fuel your desire to accomplish more and more. And so you see, it makes sense that the more you achieve (or indeed the more you fail as long as you learn from your mistake(s)), the more you drive yourself forward to accomplish more.

Once you get the ball rolling, your momentum will continue to grow for as long as you are committed.