5 Simple Ways to Become Incredibly Charismatic

We all have it in us to be the most likable person on the room.

It’s so simply to become the person that everybody knows and likes.

Check out some of the methods that I have noticed over the years that are sure to make you are more genuinely likable person.


Create A Great First Impression

Nowadays we meet so many people on a regular basis that we often become lost in the general formalities of meeting new people. We forget that each person that comes into our lives may indeed become a life friend, however we often do not reflect this in how we meet and greet them.

We should always take the time to say good bye in a genuine way. Use whatever medium you can (speech, expression, action) to portray to them that you have enjoyed their company and found what they had to say quite interesting.

They will leave you thinking about how they met you, and if you have made a strong enough first impression and even if you never meet them again, it may be a long time before they ever forget you.



Don’t Ever Pass Judgement

Sometimes it’s easy to jump to conclusions about someone you just met. For example, if somebody says something like, ‘John from work is a real pain, he’s always talking rubbish and is terrible at his job’, you think that they may actually be a terror inside.

The fact is, you really don’t know the person they are talking about, and even if you do, you still don’t know that person from their perspective.

Try to never ‘judge a book by its cover’. When a person complains about something, simply be sympathetic. Take it with a grain of salt and move one. It is better to be friendly and supportive than to be distant and judgmental. They will come around to your thinking in time.

At the end of the day we would not like someone to form a negative opinion of us without first getting to know us (at least), so we in turn should never form a negative opinion of someone else on a moments notice.


Enrich The Lives Of Others

Be the type of person that no matter what you do or where you are, you always add value to peoples lives. One of the most important characteristics of the successful, is that they always enrich and enlighten the lives of those that are around them. Either through meeting them in passing or having a one to one meeting, many successful people will inadvertently boost the lives of those they meet.

It is a great characteristic to have, and will always be one that is sought after, in one way or another, by all people who live on this planet. You should always want and strive to be the person that others want to be around, simply because you make their lives better in doing so.

It’s true that there are many people in our world who are on the lookout for their own well being, and not the well being of a single other person they know.

These kinds of people will often find small ‘quick wins’ here and there and this will be enough to trick them into believing that they are winning, that they are making progress and that in some way, they are doing right by themselves. However the truth is far from this, they’re simply paving a path for disappointment.

You cold be a gardener, pilot, doctor, marine or electrician, it does not matter who you are or what you do, but how you use your skills and abilities to help those around you. If you’re a handy man and your neighbor has a leaking radiator, show them how to fix it. If you can set up websites and your uncle needs one for his business, help him out. Should you be a fitness freak, and your colleague at work is struggling to see results, show him how to work towards the same results that you have gained.

A little of your time may be worth a lot to them, and they will thank you for it.

“You will find that the more people whose lives you enrich, the greater feeling of self worth and importance you will feel yourself. It’s important to help those who you can when you can, but it’s more important to be naturally helpful.” – Joey Tawadrous

So take your days in your stride, work towards your goals on a daily basis, and as you work your own way to the top of your profession, to create your own successful business, to create a body of a God or to create a masterpiece, never forget that you can always drive those around you in the direction of their goals at the same time your are achieving your own.


Say No More Often

At any given time, there is usually so many different things that we want to get done during the course of our day. Doing the shopping, writing an article, hitting the gym, answering emails etc. the list is endless for all of us. Now it is great to be busy, it really is, but sometimes we make ourselves needlessly busy.

Why spend 5 hours out on the town on Saturday night when it is essentially going to affect our performance on Sunday? Why agree to co-direct a play when you know it will directly push back that project deadline you’ have been working towards?

So often we just say yes because it is the easiest thing to do and we fear what people may think or do if we say no. The fact is, what they say or what they think does not matter one bit. We are in charge of ourselves and we make our own decisions. Make a point to say no more often, and watch your productivity rise and your stress levels drop.


Pay Attention To Every Word

While having a conversation, you can easily kill the mood by not paying attention to what the other person is saying.

Simply taking out your phone when someone else is speaking to you, even if it’s just to check who’s calling, can disrupt what they are saying or cause them to loose their chain of thought as they wonder ‘why is he/she not paying attention, am I boring or something?’

Let’s be honest here, you would like to be listened to when you speak out loud. So you should treat others the way you want to be treated. A little attention to what people are saying goes a long way, especially if it is only you and them in the conversation. Even if you’re not interested in the beginning, you may find yourself engaged in the topic by it’s end, provided you are paying attention.