5 Essential Habits of the Most Remarkable People

While it may not always be obvious, some people in our society are completely and undoubtedly on top of their game.

Their personal lives and careers are absolutely filled with exciting and inspirational activities and their day to day routine is not so much a routine but an outspoken way of life.

How do they do it? Where do they get that energy and drive from?

Let’s look at several pools from which they are pulling all that energy.


Rewire Your Emotions And Keep Stress Levels Down

One of the major forces that hold us back from achieving our full potential is the negativity we may be surrounded by and encounter on a regular basis. I implore you to shake off the negativity and the emotional baggage that’s holding you down, wake up to a world of new possibilities where there’s no scope for negative thought. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. The results will astound you.

There is nothing that acts as more of a deterrent to you falling asleep than having a worried mind.

Stress has the ability to break a person down completely. You should strive to solve or discuss any problems that may be troubling you before you attempt to go to sleep. If you don’t, your mind will possibly wander for hours while you try to silence your thought’s and sleep at the same time.


Avoid Decision Fatigue

It is widely believed that you can make a finite number of decisions in any give day or waking period.

I am a firm believer in this concept. It makes sense. Think about your body that gets tired after doing a lot of exercise, so too your mind gets tired after doing a lot of thinking.

There are plenty of techniques you can employ to ensure that you have enough mental power to get you through the day and beyond. For example, before you go to bed you should decide what you’re going to wear and the work you’re going to do the following day. Here each item of clothing you put on is basically another cognitive decision, & this quickly adds up for each item of clothing.

Another good idea would be to pre-cook multiple meals to avoid shopping and the mental strain of cooking on a daily basis. Again, each ingredient to your meal is one decision point, whereas if you cook in bulk one decision point can be worth several.

Simple follow this pattern: make easily reversible decisions as quickly as possible and make repeating decisions in batches. You will literally cut your decision making brain power expenditure in half.


Wake Up Early

One thing that all productive people certainly have in common is that they wake up nice and early each morning. Now I’m not talking 4am starts, although if you can handle that (& I’m sure you can), it certainly would not hurt. I’m talking about getting up at 7am or so every day of the week, even the weekends.

However many successful actors and entrepreneurs have been known to get up as early as 4 AM in order to have an extra few hours in the day to complete each and every task that they would like to.

Why should we be any different? We all want to be successful in one way or another.

While other people are sleeping in, the successful or soon to be successful, are already up and about getting a kickstart on their daily rituals. When we are still in bed they’re already crossing tasks off their to do list.

They know that the morning is an exceptional time to get a lot done. It’s a time when everything is less busy. It’s a time and there’s less to be distracted on. It’s a perfect time to get work done. You see we often decide that the weekend should be our time to relax and chill out, and they only way we can do this is to sleep in or at least not get up as early as we usually do.

This is certainly not the case! Now I’ll go into having structure in your day in more details in another point, but I’ll also make the point clear right now.

The level of your success depends entirely on the level of your commitment. If you decide to get up early every day, you not only will have more time to do the things you want to, but you will feel less sluggish because you didn’t sleep in and ruin your routine. Think of all the things you could do with an extra few hours in your day?


Eat A Filling Healthy Dinner

It’s very important to eat a good wholesome dinner each and every day of the week if you are to have a truly revitalising night’s sleep. The truth of it is, since the birth of man there have always been four very important aspects to our lives.. shelter, food, mates & sleep.

In the case of food and sleep, we have always strived to fill up on food before we go to sleep, and nowadays, nothing has changed. We need a full stomach to feel relaxed and fulfilled before we can get a healthy night’s sleep. However, we have a tendency to eat large meals late at night, due to work, meetings and other obligations.

We should avoid having our largest meal of the day so soon before bed as we will end of digesting our food while we try to sleep. This takes up energy, and the consumption of energy has the potential to keep us awake. I believe you should also be somewhat active when digesting your food, as it can make you feel lazy & groggy which will cause you to ‘slack’ or ‘under-perform’ in whatever you are doing at the time.


Exercise Regularly

Sports people and many many actors do it everyday. It’s their job to be fit and active and is expected of them. Take American Footballers for example. They are pumped full of motivation, determination and a desire to succeed. They are so many exercises that they must put their bodies through on a daily basis, and good workouts take up a lot of time.

Not only that but those same footballers also often cook a lot of their meals in bulk, go over plays till the cows come home and a whole host of other tasks that require them to be focused at all times. It’s hard work, but they still manage somehow?

I think I know how. I think that exercise clears their mind, allows them to alleviate stress and essentially causes them to achieve higher levels of focus than normal. I think they have found a life hack for us all.


Which point resonated the most with you?