12 Methods to Create a Mega-Following on Instagram


Gaming Instagram – How to Gain More Followers on the World’s Most Exciting Social Network?

So you love Instagram, you think it’s amazing, and are most impressed by the wonderful benefits of Instagram for small businesses like yours. That’s why you’re desperate to gain more followers on Instagram, but don’t know how. Well, here’s help. Read on to find out how to gain more followers on Instagram – one of the world’s most exciting Social Networks. But first, let’s talk about why Instagram is so special.


What’s so great about Instagram?

Instagram is a mobile photo sharing application for smartphones that has gone from having 1 million registered users in 2010, to a membership count of over 260 million by late 2014. Instagram’s success has been phenomenal, and acquiring Instagram in 2012 for $1 billion was one of the smartest things Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has ever done.
Since then Instagram’s growth has by far surpassed that of Facebook itself. Facebook membership has only grown by 3% a year, while the number of people using Instagram have grown by over 25% annually since the acquisition by Facebook.

What makes this all the more impressive is that Instagram has to reckon with heavy competition from other photo sharing sites, but it is still expanding at an incredible rate. A large number of businesses – big and small, use Instagram for their marketing because of how it blends a popular social network with over 250 million members with an attractive visual medium. This is a great way to market a product, and to create a visual footprint for a brand.


How do you grow your Instagram community?

How can you get more followers for your Instagram account? How can your small business have a flourishing Instagram community around it? Well, i’ll tell you how. Read on for several great tips on how to gain more followers on Instagram….


1. Always post images of the highest quality

There is no substitute for posting high quality images when it comes to gaining more followers on Instagram. Hire a professional photographer if you have to, to represent your brand in the best way possible.
Even if you can’t hire a professional photographer, it’s okay, but try to put a lot of thought into the photos. They don’t have to be perfect, but you should be able to form a connection with the people watching them on Instagram.
The best way to do this is to keep the photos interesting, change things around, never repeat the same style too many times, try to do something unique on each occasion. Go for fun customer shots, interesting product shots and try something artistic or aesthetically pleasing.


2. Don’t do anything on Instagram without Hashtags

Hashtags are how you can tag your photos on Instagram, group them with the most popular hashtags, which would guarantee a much bigger viewership for them, and make your photos relatable to Instagram users.
Also, even as you use popular hashtags, create your unique own hashtags for your brand as well, something with which your products or services could be identified by. This would create a lot of positive publicity for your business and certainly get you more followers.


3. Connect your Instagram account with your Facebook and Twitter profiles

By connecting your Instagram account to Facebook and Twitter, you are guaranteed an even bigger viewership for them. This way, you can post on Facebook or Twitter at the same time as when uploading a photo on Instagram, which is very convenient, saving you a lot of time and effort.


4. Run Contests on Instagram

One of the best features of Instagram for businesses is that it allows you to run contests on your feed. This is very easy to setup and is a brilliant way to get your potential customers get interested, and is one of the best ways to increase your follower count.


5. Get your followers on other social networks to follow you on Instagram

This is quite obvious, but it helps to include a terrific call to action on your tweets or updates on Twitter or Facebook, to get your followers there to follow you on Instagram.


6. Run special offers exclusive to your followers on Instagram

This is a great way to market your brand on Instagram and also to gain scores of new followers. Offer a sneak peak on a new product exclusively to your followers on Instagram – this is a highly effective technique.


7. Get your followers to engage with you

This is a technique used by the very best marketers on Facebook. Include the following statements in your Instagram updates:
1. Like if you agree
2. Like if you can relate to this


8. Engage with your followers on Instagram

When someone follows you on Instagram, follow them back – this ensures that they don’t unfollow you later. Comment on their posts, tag them as well. Use popular hashtags on Instagram to find people to follow.


9. Display Instagram Galleries for your brand

This can be done by using unique hashtags, and is a guaranteed way to get your brand a higher visibility, credibility and a superior conversion rate.


10. Call your phone contacts to Instagram

Instagram has an option using which you can invite your phone contacts to follow you on Instagram, and once they follow you, use the Follow All option to follow them back.


11. Use Foursquare along with Instagram

Foursquare is an important social network for small businesses. Integrate your Foursquare account with Instagram and tag yourself at a particular location.


12. Form partnerships with influential Instagram users

A great way to increase gain scores of new followers on Instagram is to partner with those who already have a large following on the network, known as influencers. It’s up to you as to how you get them to lend their support to you, but this is a technique that always works. A top automobile company actually offered a free car to any influencer who got them the most number of likes on Instagram!



So that’s how you gain more followers on Instagram. We hope you’ve found the article interesting and fun. Do keep the comments coming!

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