10 Rare Lifestyles That Promote Productivity

It can often be quite difficult to find the sweet spot between work and play. We sometimes find it difficult to decide whether to work hard towards reaching that goal we have been striving for, or to simply drop everything important and just have plain old simple fun for the time being.

The fact is that while we are having fun now, it may be costing our future self quite a lot.

We should not ever choose short term enjoyment over long term gains.

Let’s look at some lifestyles that will help you to keep focus, which will in turn raise your productivity levels over time.



Make Your Shower Count

Trust me this one is not a joke. When you shower your time is yours and yours alone. You have no one to communicate with in the shower but your own mind.

Showering is a great time to reflect on what you’ve achieved throughout your day. To time you’re following day. To decide what went well and what didn’t go so well.

Some people like to meditate and while meditation is less active it is similar to showering in the sense that it is simply you in your own mind with minimal outside distractions.

Some of the top minds in our world today have been known to come up with great ideas when in the shower.


Track Your Sleep Quality

With a plethora of apps out there today, and with the vast majority of us owning some form of smart device, there really is no excuse here. Simply open up the app store to your respective handset creator, whether it be Apple, Android, Microsoft, Blackberry etc. and find a ‘Sleep Tracking’ app that you like by searching for that exact term.

These apps will tell you how much deep sleep you are getting per night, how much time you spend trying to get to sleep and so on. Many of the free versions even present this information to you in helpful graphs and charts.


Ignore Pain

We often make a decision that we cannot keep doing something that is clearly beneficial to us, simply because it is too difficult. We consciously decide to give up when we think something has become too difficult for us.

“We should strive to do our best, always. However we should not expect that the best will come of our actions, as no outcome is completely certain.” – Joey Tawadrous

This kind of attitude can spill over into many other areas of our lives and while we are deciding that we can’t do it, our powerful friends have already committed themselves, made a plan, and began executing it. And so I got a question, how the hell are we ever going to grow, if we just give up when the going gets tough?


Listen To Your Body Clock

Did you ever go to be nice and early, got a solid 7-10 hours sleep but still felt groggy and sleepy when you woke? I know you did… and guess what? So did I. This is all to do with your Circadian Clock.

This clock, among other things, essentially decides when you enter and exit your ‘deep sleep’ cycle.

This is when you are at the height of your night’s sleep and when you also dream. You should not be woken up in the middle of this cycle as that is what will make you feel tired, even after you have slept for quite some time. The fact is, it is really is to prevent this nuisance.


Be Forever Thankful

Successful people are always grateful for their current situation. While their desire for more success is never truly quenched, they still focus on what gifts they already have, such as the power to move forward, their consistency, their positivty and they people around them are all prime example.

Never loose sight of what you have already achieved in your life and how amazing those achievements truly are. Take pride in the fact that you are not done yet, and that being & feeling grateful will light a fire of success as whether your realize it or not, you always want more to be grateful for.


Never Loose Your Optimism

Who doesn’t like an optimistic person? The truth is that it’s really difficult to actually not like a person who see’s the positive side to a situation. A person who is the voice of reason no matter what, and who won’t let the cards they have been dealt at any given time, determine how they feel.

In fact, they don’t even see it the same way that we sometime do. Powerful people don’t take cards but deal them out instead, and anytime theres a problem, no matter how unlikely it is they will win, they go ahead and drop a straight flush.


Reboot your Circadian Clock

Our Circadian clock is essentially deals with your internal sleeping rhythm. Why is this important you ask? Well do you sometimes feel groggy in the morning pr exhausted and sleepy in the evening? That’s because your or Circadian clock i.e. your internal sleeping rhythm may be messed up, in which case it’s time for a reboot! No more coffee or sugar.

That’s poison for your brain, as they disturb your Circadian Clock. Here’s what you should do – get plenty of sunlight – as much as you can. Direct sunlight in the morning helps to get rid of sleepiness or tiredness.

There are lots of apps available that track the various stages of your sleep, you may already have some of them on your iPhone. Sleep Cycle, for instance, is very popular, one which I use and would personally recommend.


Don’t Exercise Soon Before Bed

Most forms of physical exercise should not take place soon before bed. These activities will raise your cortisol and adrenaline levels, will might as well be called your awake hormones as your not going to fall asleep with high levels of either.

Think of yourself being totally pumped for a race, speech or your about to get in a fight. The last thing you want to do is fall asleep. Light Yoga, Meditation or breathing exercises on the other hand are perfectly fine before bed.


Take Short But Revitalising Breaks

No matter how strong willed you are, no matter how determined, focused and motivated you are to succeed, you still need to take break. However the length, effect, and kind of breaks all depend on your character, and ultimately reflect how much you really want to do well in life.

Instead of taking a two-week break in the Bahama’s, why not take a four day snowboarding trip? Instead of watching a movie while you eat dinner, why not read a book and being a better you? Or watch a documentary? Or plan your following day?


Avoid Coffee Late In The Evening

Coffee has got to be one of the most effective legal ‘drugs’ available. It allows your brain to perform at heightened levels of precision for an extended period of time.

However your brain, like all muscles, needs to rest after a period of high-use and strain. Therefore, it is advised to avoid drinking to much, or any, coffee late in the evening. You should leave at least 6 hours between your last cup of coffee and when your head hits your pillow at night.