10 Brain Hacks To Make You Smarter & Hack Your Way to Success

It’s really not hard at all to get your brain to function at a superior level of performance – you just need to get a few things right.

Anybody can get their brains to perform better. Anybody can become a smarter person with the 10 brain hacks I am going to tell you about. And no, you don’t have to be born a super genius to make the most of these brain hacks ;)

Here’s how you can hack your brain to success..

#1. Feed your brain with the right food

Nothing’s more important than providing your brain with the right nutrition or brain food, and that’s why this is the most important hack. If your brain hasn’t been fed the proper fuel, there isn’t much you can do with it. Nowadays there is a great obsession with low fat diets, in a mad race to lose weight. But do you know that the brain requires fatty acids such as Omega 3 if it is to perform to its full potential? Making healthy fats a part of your diet is an absolute must, if you’re to have a super sharp brain. Have coconut oil, grass fed butter, salmon and almond butter in your diet. These foods keep your brain high on energy, alert and fresh.


#2. Completely reboot your Circadian Clock

Your Circadian clock is essentially all about your internal sleeping rhythm. Why is this important you ask? Well do you sometimes feel groggy in the morning pr exhausted and sleepy in the evening? That’s because your or Circadian clock i.e. your internal sleeping rhythm may be messed up, in which case it’s time for a reboot! No more coffee or sugar. That’s poison for your brain, as they disturb your Circadian Clock. Here’s what you should do – get plenty of sunlight – as much as you can. Direct sunlight in the morning helps to get rid of sleepiness or tiredness. There are lots of apps available that track the various stages of your sleep, you may already have some of them on your iPhone. Sleep Cycle, for instance, is very popular, one which I use and would personally recommend.


#3. Be aware and in the moment

How aware are you of what’s happening around you? Are you often in the middle of performing one task, but thinking about another? You should focus on staying in the moment; focus on the present, on whatever you are doing right now. Don’t multitask or think about too many things simultaneously. Finish one thing to a great degree of satisfaction, and then move on to the next. This keeps your mind calm and focused on what has to be done right now, rather than adding unnecessary pressure on itself by thinking too many thoughts at once.


#4. Practice Yoga or Meditation

Yoga is different from cardio or weight training because it stretches the body in all directions, keeps the brain alert, active, involved and motivated, and this rewires the brain to the body, helping you gain a better sense of awareness of the present. Your brain will likely be more focused after a session of Yoga and your concentration is will be a lot higher as well. Not to mention you are likely to do better at work or at studies as a result. Meditation can have the same effects as Yoga. The great thing about Meditation is that you don’t have to be trained in order to take part, and you can pick up the various meditation techniques quite easily by yourself simply by reading about them. Many of the top CEO’s of today such as Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page & Elon Musk all practice mediation. It has worked wonders for them and their levels of concentration, and there is absolutely no reason why meditation can’t work work for you too.


#5. Learn Speed reading

Speed reading is a very useful tool, which all people would do well to pick up. Books have always been a great source of information. Nowadays there is vast army of information hubs such as internet articles, magazines, brochures etc. However each medium has one thing in common… in order to extract the information it must be read. In this sense, it’s important to gather the information as quickly as possible, so that you can gain more knowledge in limited time, which makes you smarter and more productive as you may avoid common pitfalls in a task due to your experience. Like anything, speed reading comes with practice and there are multiple apps on the Apple & Android apps stores to help you with this.


#6. Shake off the negativity, Rewire your emotions

One of the major forces that hold us back from achieving our full potential is the negativity we may be surrounded by and encounter on a regular basis. I implore you to shake off the negativity and the emotional baggage that’s holding you down, wake up to a world of new possibilities where there’s no scope for negative thought. Replace those negative thoughts with positive ones. The results will astound you.


#7. Jot down your thoughts

If you’ve got anything on your mind, jot it down on a writing pad. Writing down your thoughts can be quite therapeutic and will give your brain a lot of relief, possibly relieving you from thinking about that thought at all until you are ready to deal with it. For example, if you are in bed and you keep thinking of important things you either must do or say to someone else, those thoughts may keep you awake. The best advice I can give you is to simply write them down on paper or in your phone (although it’s not advised to look at bright screen when you are trying to sleep) in order to release the though from your mind.


#8. Listen to classical/easy listening/feel good music

Listening to your favourite kind of music always works and is one of the best brain hacks known to date. Music from your favourite artists has been found to fire up your neurons, which helps to relieve stress and pain, cure insomnia and stop seizures. Never underestimate the power of your top 25 playlist.


#9. Challenge yourself to do something you’ve never done before!

Nothing keeps your brain on it’s toes as much as challenging it every so often. A brain that’s bored is also a brain that’s not at its best. Look to challenge yourself, by doing something different or irregular all the time. Do something you’ve never imagined yourself doing – such as learning a new martial art skill such as Krav Maga, or learning breakdancing, for instance. It does wonders for your brain and you will have picked up new skills that will always be useful to you.


#10. Repeat, Repeat and Repeat, till you get it right!

Repeat what you do, until you make a habit of it. Practice makes perfect. For instance, when learning computer programming, repeat a particular code or an algorithm, say, one related  data structures, several times, until you become so good at it that the next time you attempt to write code another for another algorithm, it will come a lot easier to you than the first time.


Here’s what to do next…

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